How to Create a Playlist on Your YouTube Channel

Encourage viewers to binge your content by creating playlists of your YouTube videos. Here’s everything that you need to know.

how to create a youtube playlist

If there’s one overlooked way of getting more views on YouTube, it’s creating playlists of videos from your YouTube channel. Not only do playlists show up in search results on the platform, but it’s also a simple way to encourage people to binge content living on your channel. Viewers are more likely to subscribe to your channel after watching multiple helpful or entertaining videos (as opposed to subscribing immediately after one view)—making this an excellent technique for overall growth on the platform. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create YouTube playlists.

Before Creating Your Playlists

The best way to make playlists that convert viewers to subscribers is to ensure your playlists are cohesive and add value to your viewers. The playlist should consist of videos that expand on the same topic and together may answer different questions that anyone viewing may have about the subject. For example, if your niche is fragrance and you often share reviews, you may want to consider creating the following playlists:

  • Best Perfumes Under $100
  • Top Fragrances for the Fall Season
  • The Best Cherry Perfumes Money Can Buy
  • Best Scented Candles for Your Home

This way, if someone were searching any of these keywords, YouTube’s algorithm would bring them to your playlist with multiple videos to solve their fragrance-related inquiry.

How to Make a Playlist on Your YouTube Channel

The good thing about making playlists on YouTube is that it’s pretty easy to do from your creator dashboard. However, to make playlists work in your favor, you have to make it your mission to consistently make more content that you can build into valuable playlists for your viewers. Below is how to create a playlist for your YouTube channel.

From YouTube Creator Studio

  1. Head to your YouTube Creator Studio.
  2. From the left navigation menu, scroll down and click Playlists. You should see a list of all playlists you’ve already created, including private playlists and those you’ve made featuring other creators’ videos.
  3. Next, click New Playlist on the right side of your screen. Name your playlist and click Create. Make sure you name your playlist according to what type of videos will live on it and what potential keywords people will be searching on YouTube.
  4. Your new playlist has been created and put at the top of your list. Next, select the playlist.
  5. On the playlist page, click the ellipses, then Add Videos. Here, you will be presented with the option to create a playlist from a video search, a URL, or your own uploads. In this case, you want to select Your YouTube Videos.
  6. Lastly, select all the videos from your channel you’d like to add to the playlist, then choose Add Videos. That’s it—you’ve created a Youtube playlist.

While Watching a Video

Another way to create a playlist for your YouTube Channel is from the media player view of a video. If you happen to be a person that watches their own YouTube content to get a feel for what other people see (as you should), you may find this method most helpful in adding videos to existing playlists.

  1. While watching your video, go to Save from the menu bar directly below your video.
  2. Next, click Save, then select the playlist you’d like to add the video to or create a new playlist.
  3. Your video has now been added to your playlist.

While the second method doesn’t allow you to add videos to playlists in bulk, it can be helpful when you’re on the go or quickly need to add a video to a playlist (say one that you fresh edited and exported from Oslo). Remember to set your playlists to public so other people can view them.

Now that you know how to create YouTube playlists and how they can benefit your channel, give them a shot and let us know how it goes by chatting with us on Twitter.