How to Find and Hire an Editor for YouTube

Hiring a freelance video editor is a great way to continue producing quality videos, focusing on what you enjoy the most—creating content. Learn more by reading this article.

How to Find and Hire an Editor for YouTube
How to Find and Hire an Editor for YouTube

The user-friendliness and popularity of video content have made YouTube the second largest search engine after Google, with monthly searches averaging 3 billion. This means that with good quality videos, you stand a chance of attracting more viewers and, in turn, earning more revenue from your channel. Creating quality videos doesn't stop at filming; how you edit your footage can make all the difference.

Putting the final pieces of your video footage together to create excellent content for your YouTube channel is a very important yet time-consuming task. Many people enjoy the process of planning content and filming but not so much the editing. Even when simple editing tools such as Oslo exist, editing could just not be your jam (and that's okay). The good news is if this isn't your area of expertise or you don’t have enough time to edit your videos yourself, you can outsource this service to an experienced professional. You don’t even have to give up creative freedom when you utilize Oslo’s collaboration features to communicate with your editor.

What Does a Freelance Video Editor Do?

Freelance video editors take raw video footage shot by the film crew and edit its sound, length, and quality into a final cohesive product. They follow an outline/script to direct action or tell a story. Generally, video editing services include trimming/cutting segments, re-sequencing the clips, color corrections, adding transitions, and other special effects to engage the viewers.

What Type of Video Editor Should You Go For?

There are three types of people that you can engage in editing your YouTube videos:

Full-time Video Editor:

Here, you settle on one dedicated editor to work on all your video projects full-time. They rely on you entirely for their daily work, from which they earn a salary. Hiring a full-time video editor requires you to put them on payroll and offer them all the other benefits of full-time employment like holidays, pension scheme, tax, sickness pay, etc.

Outsourced Video Editor:

Many outsourcing companies out there specialize in video editing. These companies work with a pool of experienced and dedicated video editors. When you need some editing work done, you engage them and they match you with an editor for the project rather than hiring one specific editor.

Freelance Video Editor:

A freelancer is an independent professional who earns their wage from short-term tasks. They get paid on a per-task or per-job basis. Freelancers work for themselves rather than a company, so you can contact them directly for your video editing work. Freelance video editing will be our focus for this article.

Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Video Editor

Outside of simply not enjoying editing videos, there are a few reasons why hiring a freelance video editor for your YouTube channel may be a smart decision.

  • No long-term contracts needed
  • Hiring a pro ensures you'll have a quality edited video (so long as you capture high-quality footage)
  • It saves time for you to do other things like record more fantastic content
  • Saves money when compared to hiring a long-term, salaried editor

How to Find an Editor for YouTube Videos

Finding and working with a freelancer is more like a game of email tag than a rollercoaster ride. Technology has made it easy for clients and freelancers to connect and do business online. You can find any product or service you want from around the globe through the internet.

There are many freelancer platforms where you can find and hire freelance video editors such as Fiverr, Topal, Hired, Upwork, LinkedIn, and

You can choose to post a job and have experienced freelancers bid for it or browse through the freelancers' pool to find one who matches your budget and has the skills that you are looking for. You can also find freelancers from freelance communities, colleges, or through your own personal networks.

Before settling on one, consider their experience and review their portfolio to establish if the freelancer is well-established in your niche. If you are satisfied with their reviews and work ethic, move forward with reaching out to them to work with you.

How to Hire an Editor for Your YouTube Videos

When hiring a freelance video editor from an online freelancing platform, these are the steps to take:

Step 1: Create a Name for Your Job Post

Find the perfect name, and remember to include the key term of your work. In this case, you should include "video editor for YouTube" or something similar in the job's name. Most platforms will populate job categories with their intuitive database to help you make the most appropriate pick. Once you have added your job's category, make your job name more focused to attract the right talent pool. For example, instead of just having your title read "video editor," add details and make it more focused, like" video editor needed for a YouTube channel on fitness vlogs."

Step 2: Describe Your Video and What You’re Looking for from a Freelancer

Clearly describe your expectations and objectives. Explain the project scope, deliverables, skills needed (skill level, type, experience), style guide, and your inspiration (mood board). It would help if you highlighted anything unique about your project, shared examples that illustrate what you are looking for, and shared a checklist with all the deliverable requirements for the freelancers to understand your project needs fully. Also, it would be wise to include the level of expertise you are looking for, the preferred location of the freelancer, and if this will be an ongoing project or a one-off task.

Step 4: Determine Your Budget

Indicate the amount you are willing to pay for the project and whether the rate is negotiable or fixed. Indicate whether you would wish to pay per milestone or per project. Keep in mind when your offer is too low, you might fail to attract the right professionals, so make sure your asking price matches the quality you're looking for.

Step 5: Review and Post

Do a quick check-through and when you’re satisfied with all the details, post it. Once offers start rolling in, you’ll  be ready to review, interview and hire your video editor.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Video Editor for YouTube?

Freelancers will either charge a per day or per-hour editing rate. Based on specialism and experience, the hourly rate typically ranges between $25 to $45 for beginners, $45 to $60 for advanced video editors, and $60 to $100 for expert video editors.

If editing videos is not your superpower, it doesn't mean your career as a YouTuber is over. Hiring a freelance video editor is a great way to continue producing quality videos, focusing on what you enjoy the most—creating content. If you know a fellow YouTuber who may be interested in hiring an editor for their YouTube channel, share this blog post with them.